Best TIG Welder Under 2000 AC/DC ($3000 Professional Picks)

Welcome back here, Today we have a variety of TIG welders under the price range that you can afford. We are here with TIG Welders under 2000 which you could never ignore In 2021. After our expert analysis and research EVERLAST POWERPRO 256SI is the best TIG Welder under 2000.

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Best TIG Welder Under 2000

In this article, you will find all the available products in the market that you would love having without an insufferable try to filter them out according to your need or demand. Let’s begin.

The 9 Best TIG Welders Under 2000

Our Top PickEVERLAST POWERPRO 256SI EVERLAST POWERPRO 256SI Features: Contains 240Vac AND 5-250 A
Working: 250 A Duty cycle
Voltage: AC DC Tig stick
ProfessionalFIREPOWER 1444-0872 MST FIREPOWER 1444-0872 MST Voltage: 115 & 208/230V
Working: Gives 210 Amps max output
Feature:  Plate thickness 3/8 inches
Budget PickHobart 500551 EZ-TIG HOBART 500551 EZ-TIG 165I Voltage: 110V and 220V
Working: Can easily weld almost everything
Features: Fan On Demand
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1 SQUARE WAVE TIG 200 K5126-1 Features: Good for Aluminum
Working: Duty cycle of 185A
Voltage: Ac/Dc
Features: 3 types of wave from Ac welding
Working: precise welding management
Working: Does not have touchable arc starts
Warranty: 5 Years
PRIMEWELD-TIG225X-1 PRIMEWELD TIG225X Output: 225 Amps Tig Stick
Features:  Pulse Frequency- 200 HRTZ
Warranty: 3 Years
ESAB EMP215IC ESAB EMP215IC Features: Auto Setup
Working: Multi Process Performance
Warranty: 3 Years

Best TIG Welder Under 2000

1. EVERLAST POWERPRO 256SI – Best TIG Welder Under 2000

  • Manufacturer- EVERLAST Power
  • Material- stainless steel
  • Power source- AC / DC
  • No batteries required
  • Weight- 60 pounds
  • Dimensions-  22 x 9 x 17 inches


  • Quite easy to use
  • Very Flexible and Portable
  • Outstanding performance


  • Limited frequency

The first product on our bucket list of best TIG welder under 2000 is EVERLAST POWER PRO 256SI TIG WELDER, which suits both the professionals and the beginners. This welder comes with various essential features that last forever without compromising I’s TIG welding functionality. Quality of welding is entirely professional, but if beginners want to use it, they can surely use it. This product comes with a reasonable budget for starters. Every TIG welder contains a distinct feature, which makes it different from many other Tig welders. Like that, we have come up with the list of the products that come under the price range of $2000. When we talk about purchasing the best Tig welder which suits you, you must always consider all the parameters that would give you the best product in the market.

This best Tig welder under $2000 comes with HF and lift start capability that is quite a distinctive feature of this powerful welder. It has quite an impressive duty cycle, 40%, and not just that the amperage value is 250A. The 200A amperage value can jump to 100% without even compromising the efficiency of working and gives a great deal of power and the best Tig welder to work with.

2. FIREPOWER 1444-0872 3 – Best TIG Welder Under 2000

  • Weld Easily- Metals, Stainless Steel
  • Input phase- 1 & 3 phase
  • Amperage maximum- 210A
  • Current type- DC
  • Weight- 50.0 pounds
  • Net width- 8.6in.


  • It comes with three years of warranty, and is very user friendly
  • It has a convenient size and very user-friendly.
  • Versatile


  • Unfortunately, this does not weld aluminum.

Every TIG welder contains a distinct feature, which makes this roduct different from many other Tig welders. Like that, we have come up with another product that comes under the price range of $2000.  Firepower MST Tig welder also has distinct features, and that is it gives the heat regulation feature so that the Tig welder won’t heat up to the extinct that It becomes dangerous and is a brilliant machine which is worth buying and spending money on.

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This is our pick for Best 200 AMP TIG Welder For Under 2000 Whether you are a beginner or an experienced TIG welder, you can easily use the Firepower MST Tig welder without any doubt. It is designed so that it is easily carried to any word station without giving any hurdle & has a very convenient weight, so don’t be afraid of having it.

3. HOBART 500551 – Best TIG Welder Under 2000

Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG
Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG
  • Material thickness- 3/16 inch
  • Current type- AC/DC
  • Maximum voltage- 80 VDC
  • Welds- Aluminum, stainless steel, and metals
  • Minimum amperage- 10A
  • Maximum amperage- 165 A  


  • Can easily weld aluminum.
  • It can function from a fundamental level
  • It comes with three years of warranty.


  • Has a terse power mode.

Here comes the next TIG welder under $2000, which is HOBART 500551 that would give you the feeling that you get more than you paid. Once you have this best Tig welder in the market, you won’t be having the feeling of wanting more. It is the best welder to use for residential welding. Mark our words; it has the lovable standard. Since the same product comes with a flaw and comes with a very short power cord, so that you will need a plug socket near the door of your workstation.

The distinct feature that this Tig welder contains is that it can easily weld the aluminum without even affecting the quality of welding. Hobart 500551 can easily solder the aluminum, which we all know that this feature dies not to work in every Tig welder. In Final words this is Best AC/DC TIG Welder Under 2000.

4. SQUARE WAVE K5126-1 – Best TIG Welder Under 3000

best tig welding machine
Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200 TIG Welder, K5126-1
  • Input current- 22.8a
  • Output range 5-155a DC
  • Net weight- 13. 61 Kg
  • Color: Red
  • Batteries: Not Required
  • Manufactured By: Lincoln Electric


  • It can be operated from a portable generator.
  • Can easily plug into the 200ft.


  • It needs loads of safety to handle

Square Wave is one of the best Tig welders under $3000 with many features that make it compatible with many competitors. Its features include that it has two stick modes. The one stick mode that it contains is the soft stick mode, and the next stick mode that it includes is the crisp stick mode. The stick mode provides different types of electrodes that make this best Tig welder quite versatile.

This best Tig welder under 3000 contains Fan as a needed quality, which has multiple features. These features vary from give the heat resistant regulation of Tig welding to reducing the noise of Tig welding when working. Not just that, it has the power to stop or minimize any spillage and pour while working and has the Auto adaptive features, which reduce the electrodes sticking in the puddle. Not just that, it contains the automatic hot start, which boosts the machine currently.

5. EVERLAST POWERTIG 210EXT – Best TIG Welder Under 2000

  • Input power – 230 V, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Output – 150 Amps at 16VDC, 20% duty cycle
  • Welding Amperage Range – 10-165 Amps
  • Net Weight – 50 lb. (23kg)
  • Max Open Circuit Voltage – 80
  • Material is Stainless Steel


  • This is a lightweight machine.
  • It offers you perfection with an option of 120 and 240V input
  • Uses IGBT technology, which means that it has a small transformer.
  • The auto-regulated arc force control prevents excessive electrode sticking, giving you a clean and smooth weld.


  • The welder is not fit for aluminum welding because of its light-duty modification.

When it comes to the EVERLAST 210EXT, this product is the ease of use and set up that is the most stand-out feature. You can consider this as an easy welder, to begin with, and for continued use for an extended period. It can come anywhere with you, being a very portable welder that can be used in a shop, garage, or race track.

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It weighs in at only 50lbs and also has a reduced noise ability and is low on any extra costs – electric etc. – having a high energy saving rate. Like other models, the EVERLAST 210EXT has a cooling system at work when you’re doing your jobs – not overheating and breaking the flow of your work and also cuts down on fan noise and reduces power consumption. The contamination are kept within the machine, and things such as spillage are minimal. Full amperage range is from 10-165 amps on both DC and AC output when purchasing the Diversion 165.

6. EVERLAST POWERTIG 185 DV – Best TIG Welder Under 2000

  • Maximum output- 210Amp
  • Duty cycle- 45%
  • Current range- 10-150 AMP
  • Mig welding voltage- 14-30 volt
  • Volt/Dc- 62 volt
  • Plate thickness- 12.7mm


  • Excellent duty cycle
  • It gives 3in 1 .functionality
  • Very easy to service the Tig welder


  • The Mig and Tick do not have the AC capability.

EVERLAST POWER TIG 184 is the Best TIG Stick Welder Under 2000, 3in 1, and offers stick, MIG, and Tig welding without compromising the work efficiency. This pack of Tig welder comes with many differentiating features which one can carry around the workplace without any hesitation. It can fulfill all the job demands of the welder and provides optimum quality by delivering maximum productivity. It is usually famous for a powerhouse that can easily weld aluminum without compromising the welding quality.

Metal thickness is also an essential consideration to consider while having a Tig welder. If you want to have the Tig welder to weld ½ thickness, you should never go for having a Tig welder. EVERLAST POWERTIG 185 comes as the Best TIG Stick Welder Under 2000 with two phases, which are power 120V and 240V. Not just that, it provides the feature of giving low voltage for long duty cycle and the high voltage for thick metals considerably. The low power consumption provides the duty cycle of 35% and is quite a power-sensitive. It gives the readings on the digital display, which is viable to show off the current settings option.

7. PRIMEWELD TIG225X – Best TIG Welder Under 2000


  • Input power- 120V – 240V
  • Duty cycle- 25%- 60%
  • Weight- 46.50 lbs.
  • Input phase- 1 & 3 phase
  • Current type- AC/DC
  • Amperage maximum- 210A
  • Net width- 8.6in


  • It gives dual voltage and very lightweight.
  • Dual purpose


  • Expensive

Prime weld TIG225X is the next Tig welder, the Best TIG Welder Under Range of 2000 with many distinct features, making it the best-selling Tig welder in the market. As long as you are doing the lighter tasks that need Tig welding, you can use the AC option, but if you want this Tig welder for the heavier jobs, you might need the Dc option for Tig welding. The PRIMEWELD Tig welder has a double outlet with 120V and 240V output, the ideal range to weld the aluminum.

This welder under $2000 has dual voltage systems. The first voltage to sue in it is 120V, and the second voltage is 240V. You have to adjust the welding capacity and the capability according to the metal thickness and weld. The Tig welder’s 120V phase control gives a 25% duty cycle for Tig welding and 20% for stick welding. You have to adjust the amperage to 200A and 75A accordingly. 

8. ESAB EMP215IC PROFESSIONAL – Best TIG Welder Under 2000

best tig welder under $2000
  • Engine power electric- Electric (AC)
  • Max amperage output- 315-200
  • Input phase- 1 & 3 phase
  • Amperage maximum- 210A
  • Net width- 8.6in.
  • Current type- DC


  • Very portable and gives high performance.
  • It gives a reliable duty cycle.
  • Portable


  • Not very good quality

Let’s discuss today’s topic’s final product, which is very useful for all the welders who intend to buy a Tig welder for TIG welding’s best experience. ESAB GRADE TIG WELDER comes with optimum gas protection, which gives pre and posts flow controls. The features that it provides provide the start of low Tig start of 5amps, which is ideal for all sorts of lighter Tig welding. This is our top pick for Best Multi Process Welder Under 2000.

This Tig welder gives an input power of 250V, which is very reliable for heavy duties. This Tig welder in the market provides the option for the alternative and the direct current quite smoothly. The duty cycle of this Tig welder depends on the amperage, which means that at 250A, the welder gives 40% of the duty cycle, while at the low amperage, it provides 100% of the duty cycle and comes with the Arc force control that improves the Arc performance.

Final verdict For Best TIG Welder Under 2000

Every TIG welder contains a distinct feature, which makes it different from many other Tig welders. Like that, we have come up with the list of the products that come under the price range of $2000 When we talk about purchasing the best Tig welder which suits you, you must always consider all the parameters that would give you the best product in the market. Don’t ever feel the budget. Additionally Try to cover all the features, including welding, amperage range, controls, and ARC efficiency. We have tried to cover all the details of products in Best Tig welder under 2000. All you need to do is read out all the reviews and make the best choice according to your need and demand.

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One should never forget about these essential features when intending to buy the best Tig welder in the market.

  • Power Input

Power input is an essential feature to consider while having the bets Tig welder in your work station. If you want to have the best Tig welder under $2000 for the home projects, 115V will best suit you. If you’re going to have the Tig welder for professional welding, you must need 220V welding. The High industrial welding demands 230V

  • Metal Thickness

Metal thickness is also a critical consideration to consider while having a Tig welder. If you want to have the Tig welder to weld ½ thickness, you should never go for having a Tig welder. The reason behind this is that a Tig welder cannot weld metals with higher consistency. Plus, a Tig welder needs precise control during welding.

  1. AC/DC Process

Materials like aluminum and magnesium are soft enough to require just Ac control, but when you want a Tig welder to weld heavy metals, you must need both current supports that are Ac and Dc.


The tungsten is contaminating my welding. Can you describe to me the reason?

There two possibilities for such conditions as the tungsten is contaminating your welding. Moreover the one crucial factor is that the tungsten might be melting into the weld puddle because you are using the electrode’s short diameter or holding the torch too close to the puddle. 

Can you please describe to me when I should use AC and when you use DC?

Ideally, it would help if you always went for the Best Tig welder under $2000, which gives you both current that contains both AC and Dc then if you require only one, then use DC to use stainless steel and iron alloys. And when you are using aluminum and magnesium, you should go for AC welder

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