Best 110 Volt MIG Welder & 220v MIG Welders 2021

MIG Welders are more than just a workshop’s need these days. From home-based student group projects to DIY enthusiasts, they’re in huge demand. So if you’re looking for MIG Welders that don’t overkill but easily weld your mild aluminum workpieces, you’re on the right page!

We have researched your personalized preferences for every spec a low-scale user needs. Thus, we bring you a list of the 110V MIG welders. To save your time, LOTOS MIG140 is our top pick for best 110V MIG welder & LOTOS MIG175 is our topmost recommendation for best 220v MIG Welder.

Best 110v Mig Welder
Best 110v & 220v Mig Welder

Most homeowners assume a MIG welder to be too big an appliance to be put at home. However, if you’re a habitual user, you know you can get a welder portable enough for your needs. Below are the five best all-purpose welders that we scanned out of the online market.

3 Best 110v MIG Welder

Our Top PickLOTOS MIG140 LOTOS MIG 140 Input Power: 110v
Features: Aluminum Wire-Feeder
Maximum Output: 140 Amp
For the MoneyTOOLIOM 135A TOOLIOM 135A Input Power: 110V-120V
Maximum Amperage: 135 AMP
Features: Smart Display
Budget PickRILAND MIG Welder RILAND MIG Welder Input Power: 90V-140V
Maximum Amperage: 140 AMP
Features: Portability

Best 110v MIG Welder

1. LOTOS MIG140 MIG Welder – Our Top Choice 

best 110v mig welder
  • Manufactured By Lotos 
  • Input Power: 110V
  • Duty Cycle: 140 AMPS
  • Welding Process: Flux Core / MIG Welding
  • Features: Aluminum Gas Shielded Welding


  • Durable and long-lasting body
  • Easy to setup
  • Industrial grade performance
  • Recommended for professional users and homeowners both


  • Often seen as overkill for home use

The MIG140 is an ideal welder for entry-level professionals and beginners at home alike. You get an industrial-grade built and performance for an affordable price. Thus, if your use is prolonged but you’re not looking for an expensive welder, this is an ideal one.

The wire range is 0.6 to 0.8 mm for both flux-cored or solid steel. This amount is more than enough for large-scale work. Moreover, you can weld any soft metal from aluminum or mild steel to stainless steel. 

With an input power of 110 to 120 volts, you can work flexibly and not worry about stability. The welder provides aluminum gas shielded welding, which keeps your workpieces and the arc safe.

This MIG welder has two screens which make it easy for any beginner to set or change parameters while usage. Moreover, the screens also ensure stability in performance which is a cause of concern for even professional users.

The 2T/4T switch makes the setup even more effortless. Hence, you can make any changes in power or other volt specifications during work. Because of these design features, setting up this machine is just a matter of 5-10 minutes.

The body frame and internally built of this MIG welder are solid and durable. Whether you are buying a welder for the short term or the long time, this one won’t disappoint. There are positive reviews for LOTOS, even from users who used the brand for 78- years!

2. TOOLIOM 135A – Best 110v MIG Welder For The Money

  • Manufactured By Tooliom 
  • Input Power: 110V-120V
  • Duty Cycle: 135 AMPS AT 60%, 104A AT 100%
  • Welding Process: Flux Core / MIG / Lift TIG / MMA
  • Features: Compact & Lightweight


  • IGBT technology
  • Multi-purpose
  • Big wire feeder
  • Screen for setting parameters
  • Inexpensive


  • Body frame quality is low

This product by Tooliom is a masterpiece for its suitability to homeowners. The TL-135M is an inexpensive power package. The key fact is, it’s perfect for a mild use of metals used on an everyday basis.

With both Flux MIG and lift TIG technologies, switch between work according to your preferences. You can also change methods when you feel one metal needs more protection and shielding than the other.

The Tooliom MIG welder we have picked here has a long-lasting duty cycle of 135 amperes 60% of the time. A standard amperage of 104 at full performance shouldn’t be missed at a price below 100 dollars!

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This MIG welder is topmost among the best 110 volt MIG welders. Not only because of being ideal for homeowners but also for its easy all-purpose design. The intelligent screen provided at the front is a life-saver for many newbies.

Additionally, you can weld a thickness of 0.8-0.9mm with the flux core wire. Moreover, the wire feeder is exceptionally smooth and spacious enough to feed in as much you require. It can handle the E7018 basic electrode.

The IGBT technology and a weight of 17.36 pounds is just the right deal for a DIY enthusiast! This pick on our list is most easy to use and flexible. Hence, we recommend it to a beginner who is just learning the proper use.

3. RILAND MIG Welder – Best 110 Volt MIG Welder

110 volts mig welder
  • Manufactured By Riland
  • Input Power: 90V-140V
  • Duty Cycle: 25% AT 80 AMPS
  • Welding Process: Flux Core / MIG
  • Features: One-Knob Adjustment


  • Specially for DIY enthusiasts
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to handle and carry around
  • On a Budget


  • Complains about stability in performance

This MIG welder is a cheap option if you’re low on budget. Hence, this one’s our budget pick for it offers an ideal quality for the price. So if your pocket is a bit short, but the DIY project seems interesting, go for it!

Moreover, this product includes all the DIY essentials that you could need during the project. Thus, it is a MIG welder especially for home use and people who use it as a hobby.

With dual technology, flux core, and MIG, you can broaden your horizons by even switching between methods! We recommend this to people who don’t have heavy use and need low to average voltage for soft metals.

The design and body of this MIG welder are super-easy to handle and carry around. Thus, portability is one key feature that enables you to make it a multipurpose welder. You can take it anywhere there is a need. This one won’t stick to your workshop.

However, we wouldn’t recommend this one to an entry-level professional user. The reason is that the amperage and duty cycle are set explicitly for home use. Another key feature is the automatic wire feeder.

With an automatic wire feeder, loading in the wire is easier and quicker! Additionally, this one has one knob adjustment, which makes it even a better choice for beginners. An affordable 2 in 1 MIG welder with DIY tools and such easy handling, certainly overkill.

3 Best 220v MIG Welder

Our Top PickLOTOS MIG175 LOTOS MIG 175 Input Power: 220V-240V AC
Features: Multi-Use Welder
Maximum Output: 175 AMPS
For the MoneySIMDER MIG Welder SIMDER MIG Welder Input Power: 110V-220V DC
Maximum Amperage: 120 AMP
Features: IGBT technology
Dual VoltageHZXVOGEN MIG Welder HZXVOGEN MIG Welder Input Power: 110V-220V
Maximum Output: 185A
Features: IGBT technology

Best 220v MIG Welder

1. LOTOS MIG 175 MIG Welder – Our Top Choice

best 220v mig welder
  • Manufactured By Lotos 
  • Input Power: 220V-240V AC
  • Duty Cycle: 175 AMPS
  • Welding Process: MIG Welding
  • Features: Multi-use Welder


  • Useful for various metals
  • Powerful for aluminum
  • Affordable for homeowners
  • Highly rated for durability


  • Proves to be overkill for household use

This product is certainly the best 220V MIG Welder on our list. We recommend this to both beginners and professionals due to its durability. Whether you prioritize buying a long term welder or a newbie machine, this one’s it!

Moreover, it offers a large range of accessories which makes it easy for a beginner to get hands-on practice. After all, you won’t go searching each time for a spool gun or gas hose, right?

With a wide wire range from 0.6mm to up to 0.9 mm, get comfortable with both flux-cored and solid steel. The aluminum wire feeder is a prominent reason this pick has the highest ratings above all.

Whether you’re welding mild steel at home or aluminum at work, the MIG175 offers full ease in use. Not only this but this machine offers flexibility with the wires loading techniques. You can expect a stable and smooth wire feeding experience.

Furthermore, for the professionals looking for a nice MIG welder under 500 dollars, you have it here! It has all the features one demands at a workplace, from portability to a stable duty cycle.

A useful piece of advice is to use up to 3/16 inches of aluminum for which you can have ideal results. This powerful MIG welder is durable and long-lasting, and thus a choice of every expert! With an Argon Regulator and free spool gun, make the best use of your money!

2. SIMDER MIG Welder – Best 220v MIG Welder For The Money

  • Manufactured By Simder 
  • Input Power: 110V-220V DC
  • Duty Cycle: 120 AMPS 35%
  • Welding Process: MIG / Flux Core / Lift TIG
  • Features: IGBT technology


  • Stable performance
  • All mild metals can be weld in less time
  • Durable output power for home-use
  • Compact and easy to carry


  • Average grade body frame

This MIG Welder is a perfect fit for users finding an excellent machine for small-scale use. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or just need to weld some stainless steel at home, this fits all.

We rate this one a five-star product among the finest 220v MIG welders under 500 dollar range. For just 300 dollars, you get MIG, ARC, and Lift TIG, all three technologies. This is an all-copper machine, hence an efficient power saver and compact MIG welder.

If you’re comfortable with flux core welding because of its shielding abilities, go for it! And if you’re a habitual MIG welder, add this to your cart. The MIG-200 has an amperage of 120.

The design of this highly efficient SIMDER Model is very comfortable for homeowners. Weighing just 16.96 pounds, with dimensions of 17.56 x 12.4 x 10.83 inches, you can carry it anywhere.

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Whether the canopy needs fixing or a metal piece in the store is to be bought to use, don’t rethink!  With a spacious and all-purpose wire feeder, this machine allows all sorts of users to be comfortable.

This MIG Welder contains a built-in radiator and a fan that controls the internal heating and ventilation. In short, this welder is a carefully constructed, easy-to-use product for any beginner user. This one is also rated as the best dual voltage MIG welder for sure!

3. HZXVOGEN – Best Dual Voltage MIG Welder

  • Manufactured By HZXVOGEN 
  • Input Power: 110V-220V
  • Duty Cycle: 40%, 160A; 60%, 130A; 100%, 101A
  • Welding Process: MIG, MMA, LIFT TIG, FLUX CORE
  • Features: LCD Display & IGBT technology


  • All-purpose with maximum flexible functions
  • The display screen makes it easier to use
  • Wire feeding is super easy and smooth


  • TIG torch isn’t included in the package
  • Not too compact

This pick is a perfect 110V welder for the money. This review is because it is versatile and offers various options to suit one’s needs. In addition, it has multiple welding technologies, including lift TIG and MIG, which are the highest in demand.

With a 0.73 power factor and 220V of input power, it is certainly an ideal 220V MIG welder under 1000. Thus, even after long hours of welding, this machine would rarely change output volts. For even result, the IGBT inverter technology boosts progress level!

The model has a wide voltage adjustment range of 15-20 volts. Thus, we recommend this product to users who work with various metals. The welder is also adaptable to mix gas or gasless MIG functions.

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The design and construction of this MIG185II suit an all-purpose user. It has a smooth wire feeding function that makes it speedy to load the wire. Hence, save time with this MIG welder and get the work done before the deadline!

This welder can work efficiently on up to 8mm of thickness on soft metals. Talking of the lift TIG, weld up to 6mm with ease and in no time! The main feature of this welder is the color LCD provided for all newbies.

The LCD screen makes it easier for any new user or someone in a hurry to adjust parameters. This construction is also supported by the IGBT function that enables stability in the set parameters.

Concluding Best 110v MIG Welder / Best 220v MIG Welder

That rounds up our list of the best 110 Volt welders & 220 Volt Welders. With every piece of knowledge provided, you can choose the best welder that fits your work purposes. And you can now finally start and move on with your project.

Best 110v/220v MIG Welder Questions

1. Are 110V MIG Welders Any Good?

For people who don’t have much of a commercial need at a workshop, 110 volt MIG welders are ideal. Like basic study projects, DIY projects, just some domestic use would get done quickly with such welders.

Although this input power level isn’t ideal for professional use, some factors can make it perfect. These include stability in performance and a big enough duty cycle that suits the work of the welder. With stable performance, even a 110V welder can work for professional use

2. How Many Amps Does a 110V MIG Welder Pull?

There are different answers to this, depending on the brand and grade of the MIG welder you choose. The average amperage in a 110V MIG welder is 80 to 90 amps. This figure is considered low because it lessens the extent of penetration possible.

Such low amperage also causes welding of any thick metal to be slow and less effective. Another factor that is limited due to this is the electrodes. There is a tiny choice of electrodes left.

However, all this lack doesn’t put a 110V MIG welder down, for it has its pros for the homeowners. In short, if the duty cycle is good enough, the welder is ideal.

3. What Size Breaker Do I Need For a 110V MIG Welder?

The input power of your welder broadly relates to what size of circuit breaker you should opt for. In the case of a basic beginner-level MIG welder, one doesn’t need to be too cautious buying a breaker. A breaker of 30 amps is usually considered ideal.

Experts mostly recommend 30 amps, and it’s the perfect fit for a 110V MIG welder. Moreover, keep in mind that the bigger the input power, the bigger the breaker required. For instance, double the input power to 220 volts. You need a 40 amps circuit breaker.

4. Is Stick Welding Stronger Than MIG?

Stick welding, also known as shielded metal arc welding, is a method stronger than MIG welding. Both processes are similar in many ways but differ in power and performance a bit more than average. Many professional welders prefer stick welding over MIG.

The reason behind this preference is perhaps the more robust performance of stick welding. However, several welders in the market offer both MIG and Stick welding. There are a couple of options above in our top picks that offer both too!

5. Who Makes the Best 110 Volt MIG Welder?

Several brands in the market claim to be the best sellers of consumable welders. But if you have taken a look at our list of 110 V welders, then you must have an idea that LOTOS is a brand that is known for producing quality welders.

And all of these qualities are a specialty of the brand LOTOS and Forney as they are known for producing weld machines for beginners or people with little experience.

6. How Thick of Steel can 110V Welder Weld?

Usually, A 110V welder is preferred by home-hobbyist, farmers, and artists. Hence, You cannot use a 110V welder in larger heavy-duty projects. A 110V welder is usually lovely for small household purposes.

Therefore You can expect your 110 Welder to weld up to ½ thickness of the steel. Furthermore, with the addition of GMAW, you can weld up to 1/16 inches of metal. This fact means your welder is perfect for welding steel sheets and less thick alloys.

However, a method like FCAW can make it possible for a 110V welder to weld thicker steel because the wire of FCAW burns hotter, making it more suitable for thicker steel.

7. Can You Weld The Frame of a Truck?

You can weld the frame of a truck. But it is highly unsafe to weld the frame of a truck, which is why. Although welding the frame might look good as a new one, that doesn’t mean that your frame can withstand the truck’s weight.

It is too dangerous to weld the frame because if your weld path goes across the frame, that will make the integrity of the frame weakened. Therefore If your frame is weak, then there is no way you can drive the truck without causing harm to yourself.

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