Best Stick Welding Stinger 2021 (Electrode Holders)

The ‘V’ is the key to the worthy electrode holder. We’ll discover this as we proceed. Today we have KSEIBI 331215 300 AMP as the Best Electrode Holder for welders. Welding is a fabrication process for most alloys or joints, which involves applying heat and pressure. It can form a satisfactory bond on rusty metals. The process seems easy but requires dedicated attention.

The best electrode holder is utilised for holding the electrode securely. Your welding stinger holds the electrode that you are using to perform welding. There can be no stick welding if you do not have a holder to keep the electrode in position.

Best Electrode Holder
Best Electrode Holder

Some features like weight, amperage capacity, electrode size and styling should be kept in mind when choosing the welding stinger. Some people name these holders welding accessories, but they are the welding necessities, and the process cannot be performed without them.

We analysed a panel of expert welders’ reviews to see what they thought of this equipment and their desired features when they bought new ones.

The 6 Best Electrode holder

Our Top PickKSEIBI 331215 300 AMP Welding Electrode holder KSEIBI 331215 300 AMP Material: Copper & Plastic
Capacity: 300 AMP
Feature: Lightweight
ProfessionalStinger Ⅴ Insulated electrode holder STINGER STV002  Material: Rubber Handle
Capacity: 350 AMP
Feature: Heavy Duty
Budget PickA-316 250 Amp Electrode Holder Tweco 250 AMP Material: Metal & Plastic
Capacity: 250 AMP
Feature: Best For Arc Welding
Hobart 770028 Welding Holder Electrode 400 Amp Hobart 770028 Material: Plastic & Metal
Capacity: 400 AMP
Feature: Accepts rods up to 5/16″
Tweco Tong T316 MC Electrode holder Tweco Tong T316 Material: Copper
250 AMP
Fully insulated
Genuine lincoln electric T300  Lincoln Electric T300  Material: Metal
Capacity: 300 AMP
Feature: Pipeline Welders Choice

Best Electrode Holder

1. KSEIBI 331215 300 AMP Electrode Holder – Best Overall

Best Electrode holder
KSEIBI 331215 300 AMP Welding Electrode hodler
  • Manufactured By KSEIBI
  • Item Weight 14.9 ounces
  • Dimensions 11.2 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches
  • Material: Copper
  • Special Features: American Type Pattern


  • Excellent grip
  • Heat resistant holder
  • Good cable connections


  • Not so long-lasting

Product Description

This is by far the best welding stinger the United States has ever produced. Many pipeliners and professional welders will surely agree to the fact.

The materials used to create this electrode holder were explicitly chosen to infuse the elevated possible conductivity.

The core of this holder is composed of heat-resistant and great impact-resistant moulded material. The moulded fiberglass will surely save you from encountering an electric shock while you are clasping this thing.

Design & Construction

This is a tremendous 330A device that is exceptionally reliable. The user has limited chances of a cable strand breaking at the connection point. This unit can carry the rods up to 5/32”.

The clamping jaw on the electrode holder is an insulated one that is slip immune, so it holds your electrode firmly in place and does not let the electrode slip or move while you are working.

The jaws can be assembled at the angles of  450, 900, and 1800. The insulated handle of this holder will guide the electrode you are using over the weld joint.

2. Stinger STV002 Insulated – Best Stick Welding Stinger

best electrode holder
Stinger Ⅴ Insulated electrode holder
  • Manufactured By Stinger
  • Item Weight 12 ounces
  • Dimensions 10 x 4 x 1 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Special Features: Comes with a cover


  • Being 16-inch really helps.
  • Reliable V grip
  • Fully insulated


  • Not suitable for pipe welding

Product Description

Your wish list best welding stinger is now available. The unusual things about these stingers are their strong grip strength and ergonomic design. Once you put the electrode in the “V”, it is almost impossible to pull it out by hand. This means that you won’t have the electrode slipping around while you’re welding.

You can set the electrode to your desired angle to get it secured. Not to mention, the spring mechanism is outstanding and usually lasts for many years.

Design & Construction

This exceptional stinger is completely insulated, which means that it won’t “arc out” if it strokes the steel that you are welding. Exposed metal parts in the stringer usually cause spark when they touch the working end.  Therefore, The Stinger V has prevented this by using an entirely insulated design.

Amazingly, unlike other stringers it has no plastic component in it. Eventually, it’s most likely to serve as the best welding stinger on our list. This (in our opinion) makes it by far the most bomb-proof stinger ever produced.

The amperage rating on the Stinger V is about 350 amps, but it will handle any rod you throw at it. Welders rarely stick weld over 300 amps, but they can weld.

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3. Tweco 250 AMP Stick Welding – Best Electrode Holder

A-316 250 Amp Electrode Holder
  • Manufactured By Tweco Arcair
  • Item Weight 1.01 pounds
  • Dimensions 9.5 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Material: Metal, Plastic
  • Special Features: Use in Arc-Welding


  • Budget-friendly
  • Promising ergonomic
  • Light-weighted


  • Better for smaller electrodes

Product Description

This is manufactured by Tweco, which is similar to the yellow “Tong” model. The distinguishing feature is its small diameter and size. This emphasises similar styling but in a more convenient package. Can’t figure out what to choose among best stick electrode holder and best welding stingers, then you must try this out.

Design & Construction

The grip is a bit minor in diameter, while the spring clamp has even more clearance than the vaster model. The space between its clamp and grip allows for a better clasp on the electrode holder.

Looking over its affordability, this Tweco is the best arc welding electrode holder at such a reasonable price. It is a well-assembled electrode holder that even an amateur welder can grow into over the years. Also, you’ll be satisfied with its good ergonomics.

4. Hobart 770028 – Best Electrode Holder

best welding electrode
Hobart 770028 Welding Holder Electrode 400 Amp
  • Manufactured By Hobart
  • Item Weight 1.15 Pounds
  • Dimensions 11.9 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Special Features: Use in Arc-Welding


  • Ergonomic design
  • Ensure user safety
  • Heavy body


  • No Warranty

Product Description

The item weighs 1.15 pounds and screws a type electrode holder instead of the clamp style. An accommodation of electrodes up to a 5/16” is achievable. A top-notched product among the list of best electrode holder.

It will allow the electrode to be consumed down to about 1 inch and not burn your hand. You can hold the electrode in any position or angle you need to, and the holder will maintain the position while you work.

Design & Construction

It is an exceptional tool for welders and indoor usage as it secures your hand from burning. The ergonomic design makes it a good choice for all users. It is usually seen that field welders put in their favourite stringer part on positive lead while they have T300 support on the negative one.

Plus, It is a 400 amp electrode holder. It has a strong body but will not withstand when being used as a hammer. It is a heavy non conductive stinger.

5. Tweco Tong T316 MC – Best Stick Welding Stinger

Tweco Tong T316 MC Electrode holder
  • Manufactured By Victor Thermal Dynamics
  • Item Weight 1.35 pounds
  • Dimensions 9.5 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Material: Metal and Plastic
  • Special Features: Use in Arc-Welding


  • Six position jaw pattern
  • Bombproof spring
  • Good construction


  • No Warranty

Product Description

Tweco is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality welding connectors and the best stick electrode holders(0/m) stingers for many years. Another best electrode holder on our list.

Their Tweco connectors allow for sudden changes and connections between leads, and welders make the most of it. Tweco owns a wide range of stringers variety therefore competing with full-energy to other products on our list.

It has a bombproof spring and can withstand amperage above 300. Although this stinger is insulated with plastic,  this electrode holder cannot withstand drops or falls.

Design & Construction

These hard plastic stingers have become a lot more popular in the past few years, but they are not so promising and long-lasting, and the stingers with mostly metal construction.

The one-piece handle extends to the jaw, which leads to simple and solid construction.

There’s no doubt about that. You’ll have to be more careful not to drop it. The six-position jaw pattern allows the welder to work on several angles based on their preferences.  This contrasts with the Stinger V. The Stinger V requires the welder to bend the electrode to their desired angle (after the electrode is secured in the “V”.

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6. Lincoln K909-6 – Best Electrode Holder

Genuine lincoln electric T300
  • Manufactured By Atarstore
  • Item Weight 8 Ounces
  • Dimensions Not sure about
  • Material: Metal
  • Special Features: Works at better current levels


  • 300 Amp
  • Long-Lasting
  • Good for pipe welding


  • Some even find it bulky

Product Description

This product is a premium package for all professional welders. An electrode holder is used for holding the electrode securely. This is one of the most outstanding and highly rated stingers in the welding industry. It has always been the top choice of professional welders.

Before the Stinger V came out, it was considered the best welding stinger. Not to mention, it is a great electrode holder with an almost similar quality of spring as in Stinger V. The spring wears out earlier sometimes. Still, the clamping pressure is pretty subtle – primarily when it is in fresh condition.

Design & Construction

These electrode holders usually keep working for about two years. If not used regularly, they can last much longer.

They are more pocket-friendly than the Stinger V, which makes them the right choice for budget-oriented buyers.

Welders have found that old, worn-out T300s can also make acceptable ground clamps (especially for pipe welding).

Identical to the Stinger V, the amperage limit on this Lincoln is incredible. We have analysed stick strategies at over 300 amps, and the T300 did not disappoint us.

The thick handle provides a very user-friendly grip for most hand sizes. Moreover, we found that this electrode holder is a top-notch choice for long days on the welding works. If you search for the best arc welding electrode holder, then T300 could be a good option.

Conclusion of Choosing Best Electrode Holder

Our recommendations above are what we have found through our analysis, labelling them as the best electrode holder for welding. We didn’t just skim through its features but also mentioned the reason why they are worth purchasing.

It is said that stick welding is much more advanced than the other conventional welding methods like MIG or TIG. It is our top priority to invest in good items. Having a nice stinger makes your welding more pleasurable.

The goal is to achieve a proper setup and environment. This aids your ability to weld and ensure a long-lasting life of the products without needing any substitute. Stick welding is pretty more effortless and straightforward once you get the most user-friendly stinger.

We encourage our readers to look over the item before purchasing, as these customer reviews are based on actual experiences. We hope that this article helped you make a favorable decision from a list of best electrode holders.

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Welding Stinger FAQ’s

1. What is the minimum capacity of an electrode holder?

Electrode holders are designed to use within a fixed electric current and electrode diameters. The best electrode holder comes with a particular capacity. It indicates the number of amperes the electrode holder can bear when you are welding.

The amp rating ranges from 200 to 500 amps. However, using the weld stinger with a suitable capacity will allow you to complete the task safely. So before selecting a model, make sure you check out its amperage capacity.

2. How many types of electrodes are there?

There are two types of electrodes: anode electrodes and the cathode electrodes. The difference in the two electrode types exists because a cathode electrode is meant for attracting the cations that are positively charged. At the same time, The anode electrode attracts anions that are negatively charged.

3. What is the reason behind the overheating of electrode holders?

One of the reasons causing the electrode holder to overheat is when you use the holder’s wrong size electrode. These holders will when they are too loose or when the cable is also flexible.

If your welding machines are placed close to each other, there can be too little air circulation. Circulating air is beneficial for the prevention of overheating.

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