Best General Purpose Welding Rod 2021 (All Around Electrodes)

Are you yet unable to figure out which welding rod is compatible with your skills, Don’t worry, today we’ll guide you about an on-point purchase through our subtle guide. We have selected Forney 32005 E7014 as the Best Welding Rod for this year. This general purpose rod has some extra ordinary features which we will discuss today.

Welding work is an area of only worker expertise. The rod quality is also an essential factor. The rod that is best suited for your job would be the difference-maker.

I say this is because not only are there a lot of different welding rods, but there are a lot of other welding processes. And for every different method, an extra welding rod is required.

Best Welding Rod
Best Welding Rod

Choosing the a welding rod for your work, either you are a beginner or a professional, is vital. If you are a beginner, you might need some in-depth about how welding rods work.

Our list will guide you through every detail that will help you choose the best welding rod for yourself to make your work more efficient and better.

Top 6 Best Welding Rods

Our Top PickForney 32005 E7014 Welding Rod Forney 32005 E7014 Capacity: 70,000 Tensile 
Thickness: 0.09 Inches
Material: Mild Steel
ProfessionalHobart 770479 7018 Stick Hobart 770479 7018 Stick Capacity: 70,000 PSI tensile
Size: 1/8-10lbs
Material: Plastic
Budget PickWeldingCity 5-Lb ER308L WeldingCity 5-Lb ER308L Feature: Premium Quality
Size: 5-Lb 1/16″
Material: Stainless steel
77 Cast Iron Welding Rod Kit 77 Cast Iron Welding Rod Feature: High efficiency weld
Size: 3/32″ diameter
Material: Metal
Stick Elect, 7018 MR Stick Elect, 7018 MR Capacity: 70 psi
10 lb
Mild Steel
Alumaloy 10 Rods Alumaloy 10 Rods Capacity: 39,000 Tensile
Size: 1/8″ x 18″ 
Material: Aluminum

Best Welding Rod

1. Forney 32005 E7014 Welding Rod – Best General Purpose Welding Rod

best welding rod
Forney 32005 E7014 Welding Rod
  • Manufactured by Forney
  • Item weight- 4.84 pounds
  • Item Dimensions- 63 x 3.5 x 1.75 inches
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Feature: Amperage Capacity 90 Amps


  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Multifunctional
  • You can use it in vertical as well as overhead


  • Not ideal to use in humid areas

Product Description

The Forney 32005 is one of the Best All Around Welding Rod. They are easy to handle as compared to other electrodes. The brand Forney itself is one of the best rod welding brands that consistently deliver quality.

With its high tensile strength, the Forney E7014 is ideal for hardened steel and metals. Due to their high strength, they are suitable for repairing damaged steel and fabrications.

A general area where a lot of welding usually does take place is pipes. And if you are a welder with rough experience in fixing pipes, there is no need to worry about it now.

Design & Construction

The Forney electrodes are ideal for pipe repairings that are rusty or oily. Their best quality is that they can penetrate deep in rusty and painted material without any trouble.

Not only does your work get a bit of ease, but you also find your welding very efficient. Apart from providing comfort in position, it is also pretty straightforward in preparations.

Usually, a lot of rods require a rod oven to work properly. On the other hand, the Forney electrodes work better when they are fresh and directly taken out of the box. So they require very minimal surface preparation.

This product is also pretty ideal for joints that require penetration. They are good at overhead as well as vertical welding. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, then these are the best welding rods for you.

2. Hobart 770479 7018 – Best All Around Welding Rod

best welding rod
Hobart 770479 7018 Stick
  • Manufactured by Hobart
  • Item weight- 10 pounds
  • Item Dimensions- 14.5 x 4.2 x 2 inches
  • Material: Plastic
  • Feature: Use in Arc-Welding


  • Very affordable
  • High tensile strength
  • Multifunctional


  • Can Bead down easily

Product Description

These rods are perfect for beginners. They are pretty too easy to burn, and they don’t require much expertise. Don’t worry about the output quality, as these rods produce the same burning effects as every other high-quality rod out there.

Apart from their ease of use, these rods are pretty affordable and cheap. If you do your research, you will find a considerable price difference between Hobart electrodes and other similar products.

The Hobart electrodes are very versatile in their work. They are multi-purpose rods, and you can pretty much use them in all positions of carbon steel. No matter if it is low or high.

Design & Construction

Its tensile strength is another thing to praise about them. It has a 70,000 PSI strength, making them a perfect material to prevent tearing due to heat and tension. So the Hobart is ideal for high-temperature welding.

Their multi-function ability is second to none. You can use them on galvanised steel and carbon easily. Furthermore, its deep penetration makes welding easier where the objects are painted or rusted.

If you are new to this field, you are looking at one of the best welding rods for beginners.  One significant thing you need to keep in mind before buying the Hobart is that they come in plastic packaging.

So you might need a rod canister that prevents moisture from affecting the rods and keeps them dry.

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3. WeldingCity 5-Lb ER308L – Best Welding Rod For Thin Metal     

best welding rod
WeldingCity 5-Lb ER308L
  • Manufactured by Hobart
  • Item weight- 5 pounds
  • Item Dimensions- 36 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Feature: Comes in Tube Shape


  • Tubular Shape
  • High tensile strength
  • Multifunctional and Less Weight


  • Can bead down easily

Product Description

The Weldingcity electrodes are designed especially for For Thin Metal and TIG Welding.TIG stands for ( tungsten arc welding ) in which tungsten is used to produce the weld.

Tungsten arc welding is a method in which you might face a lot of trouble if you don’t have the appropriate electrode. For TIG methods, the welding city rods are perfect.

They are made up of stainless steel, which is perfect for welding. You won’t have to worry about your rod catching rust at all. No matter what kind of welding there is, the welding city electrodes are perfect for every purpose.

Design & Construction

They are unquestionably the best electrode for mild steel. These rods have maximum carbon content, which reduces any possibility of intergranular carbide precipitation. It means your stainless steel rod won’t precipitate chromium carbide and will work at total capacity.

Your rod will be able to weld no matter what the temperature is. And as it is stainless steel, the chances of corrosion are significantly less. The shielding gas which is required for the process is usually argon.

In case you don’t know what a shielding gas is. Shielding gas is an inert gas which is a critical factor for welding.

Not only are these rods perfect for your work, but they are also available at cheap rates. So you aren’t spending a lot of fortune on these. On our list of welding rods, the welding city 5-lb is one of the most reliable equipment that will make your work pretty easy.

4. 77 Cast Iron Welding Rod – Best Welding Rod For Cast Iron

best welding rod
77 Cast Iron Welding Rod Kit
  • Manufactured By Muggy Weld
  • Item Weight 8 ounces
  • Dimensions 16 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Special Features: No batteries required


  • High resistance
  • Overheating is prevented
  • No need for preheating before use


  • Is expensive

Product Description

Suppose you are a professional who deals with heavy metal welding and has a lot of large projects. Then the Cast iron welding rod kit is perfect for you.

To stick metals together isn’t as easy and straightforward as it might sound to you. And to be good at your work, you surely need the perfect equipment that can make your work efficient and proper.

What you are looking at right now is the best-suited equipment out there for you. Cast iron is the ideal tool for heavy metal equipment. Such as buses, trucks, vehicles, and machinery.

Design & Construction

What makes it best suited for heavy equipment is its resistance to overheating. Dealing with heavy metals means dealing with high temperatures. And a lot of rods cannot withstand the high intensity of heat, and they melt.

The Cast iron welding rod has a high-efficiency weld metal that ensures that the electrode does not overheat.

As you might already know, before welding, rods require a preheat or exceptional cooling so that the electrodes work better. But with the cast iron rod, you won’t ever need to preheat it.

The electrode has a crack-resistant formula, because of which there is no actual need for any preheating.

Its high resistance makes it perfect for every single method of welding. The kit has a total of 12 rods, and each rod is 12 inches long.

We find the cast iron rod kit as one of the best electrodes for heavy welding on our list.

5. Stick Elect, 7018 MR – Best All Purpose Welding Rod

best welding rod
Stick Elect, 7018 MR
  • Manufactured By Lincoln Electric
  • Item Weight 4.55 pounds
  • Dimensions 6 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Special Features: Tensile Strength: 70 psi


  • They are moisture resistant.
  • High efficiency
  • No oven heating is needed
  • Overheating is prevented


  • Not ideal to use in humid areas

Product Description

They are specially designed for MIG welding. If you don’t know what MIG, MIG stands for metal inert gas welding. Where an electric arm forms between the metal and the electrode.

The Stick elect is one of the most common electrodes that are used in welding these days. They can pretty much do all kinds of stuff. From repairing to heavy pipe welding, the stick elect is suitable for any project of yours.

Due to their low hydrogen content, a rod oven is preferred for its preparation. The low hydrogen plays a significant role as exposing the rod to the air won’t cause many problems.

I think the stick electrode is one of the best welding electrodes because, in different climatic conditions, you won’t find the need to use an oven to prepare it.

Design & Construction

Furthermore, these rods are moisture resistant. So unlike rods that decay in a short amount of time. The Stick elect won’t decompose that quickly.

But you have to keep in mind that as these rods come in an airtight box, you will have to take a bit of care of them once they are exposed to air.

The product won’t ever fail to meet your expectations. And as a beginner or someone looking to make a name for himself in the welding industry. The stick elect will surely give an edge.

You are looking at one of the Best All Purpose Welding Rod as they are ideal for structural steel welding purposes.

6. Alumaloy 10 – Best Welding Rod For Rusty Metal

best welding rod
Alumaloy 10 Rods
  • Manufactured By Alumaloy
  • Item Weight 0.8 ounces
  • Dimensions 18.4 x 0.75 x 0.75 inches
  • Material: Genuine Thinner Material
  • Special Features: Tensile Strength lbs/ 39,000,  Compression Strength lbs/ 60,000


  • Can weld pot metal
  • High heat resistance
  • Does lifelong repairings.


  • It doesn’t stick as you want it.

Product Description

The Alumaloy is an easy welding rod. You can use it even if you have little or no experience in welding. Using it is pretty simple. This is our pick for Best Welding Rod For Rusty Metal

Unlike electrodes that require a lengthy process for repairing, The alum alloy makes things a lot simpler. All you have to do is clean the base metal and heat it. And then you can restore whatever you want.

Its simplicity and ease of use are also saving you hundreds of dollars. Believe it or not, with the Alumaloy, you can repair anything made up of metal.

You can improve whatever you feel needs a touch, such as boats, props, transmission cases, and whatnot.

What I love about these rods is their resistance. A lot of high-quality rods can never withstand high temperatures, and they denature because of it. This restricts them from performing low-level welding.

Design & Construction

With the Alumaloy, you can do whatever type of welding. You can repair the thickest and the thinnest metal as the Alumaloy melts at 728 degrees Fahrenheit. You can fix a pot metal which is one of the most challenging metals to repair.

Furthermore, no need to worry about the repairs you make! With the Alumaloy, you are making permanent repairs that will last forever.

The product is environmentally friendly, so you are saving money and saving this planet.

Conclusion On Choosing Best Welding Rod

In the welding market, you will find many options from which you can wisely choose an electrode that perfectly suits your welding style. And by now, you have an idea of what type of electrode is your need, so waste no time and get yourself the best welding rods.

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Welding Rods – FAQs

1. What is an all-around good welding rod?

A high-temperature-resistant rod would be called a good rod as the best welding rods should work with various metals. And they should be versatile. So no matter what your work requirement is, a suitable electrode can always solve the problem. On the other hand, rods that last longer and don’t decompose after a bit of time are also termed good rods.

2. What is the most straightforward welding rod to use?

The E7108 rods are the easiest to use as they contain a thick flux with high powder, making their handling easier. Usually, they are used to weld metals that have a thick base. They are ideal for beginners or someone who has little experience in welding.

3. Why does my welding rod keep sticking?

One of the main reasons for a sticky welding rod is amperage. Amperage is the strength of an electric current. If your amperage is low, then your electrode will be sticky while making an arc. This type of weld is the result of low amperage. So an easy solution to your problem is to produce ample amounts of amperage for your welding.

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